About us

usapartssale.com is a division of RAM Trading.

usapartssale.com and RAM Trading have come together utilizing their individual strengths to create a parts network that allows dealers to sell their overstocked parts, while allowing you to purchase parts from the network at discounted rates.

We purchase overstock or unused stock from dealers.

All items are new in box. It is possible a box may display stock labels, writing or opened and re-sealed. Our policy is to open, inspect and certify new, every item with a compromised seal.

You will feel confident when you leave, knowing you’ve made a great purchase.

With us-A-shop.com, we’re able to expose parts to thousands of potential buyers and sell the parts at deep discounts, at cost or even below cost just to keep their inventory dollars moving. For the buyers, it's a great way to find parts quickly and take advantage of the large discounts.