HEADesigns Storm Housing / Splash Housing Designed to Protect Camera Systems

HEADesigns Storm Housing

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HEADesigns Storm Housing

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Storm Housing
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HEADesigns Storm Housing / Splash Housing Designed to Protect Camera Systems

An all-aluminum, "all environment" splash housing designed to protect camera systems-from the "beta-cam" size video/HD systems up to the largest film cameras/lenses-when filming in the most extreme conditions.

* Relies on our proprietary, state-of-the-art Vortex transparent tubing to provide clear viewing with total protection. This tubing is also easy and inexpensive to replace in the field.

* Houses all camera systems up to 54" (140 cm) circumference, 44" (112 cm) length and 150 lbs (68.18 kilos).

* Injects air from a scuba tank or small compressor, then vents to create a dehumidified camera environment. No more fogged-up lenses and moisture-filled cameras!

* Enables wide angle shots as extreme as 6mm (35mm format).

* The 9" (23 cm) diameter, optical-grade polycarbonate front port can easily be removed to facilitate filter, hood or lens changes.

* Waterproofed to provide the highest level of protection from rain, snow, wind-blown sand and dust, as well as from any above water or on the water situation. Never submerge the housing even an inch or serious camera damage may occur.

* System weighs just 6½ pounds (2.27 kilos) shoulder-mounted and under 10 pounds (4.5 kilos) when attached to the aluminum base mount system containing our unique Camera Lifter system.

* The sliding insert within the base plate-for both ¼" and 3/8" screws-provides perfect balancing atop P&T head.

* The Camera Lifter system supports camera systems up to 150 lbs. (68.18 kilos). Just slide into the best supporting position and lock in place with a twist of the end knob.

* Two hi-tech air nozzles keep the front port clear of water and spray. Simply twist the nozzle to regulate air flow or to shut it off entirely.

* No zippers! One quick-release clamp seals the entire housing. Note: Using the BackPlate system requires a second clamp.

* Optional Ultralight side handles enable flexible hand positioning and control.

* The optional BackPlate system enables a cooling air stream to flow around the entire camera and vent out the back. The electrical connector system is easily customized using the internal terminal block, and a 4" diameter waterproof "deck plate" can be unscrewed, the neoprene bellows pulled out, and your own camera-specific cabling inserted and sealed.

* The adjustable relief valve makes this the system to have when going for those dramatic water-line shots. If free swimming, simply twist the valve casing to vary the constant air flow for perfect positioning of the camera in relation to the waterline. In short, this housing's "do everything for everybody" capabilities make it the perfect system for any extreme environment short of UNDERWATER PRODUCTION.